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Wave industry in Vestfold

Wave industry in Vestfold (0)

Intentium AS with R&D-partner Vestfold University College has recently started a feasibility study for evaluation of natural and commercial conditions for a wave energy industry in county Vestfold in Norway. The main objective is to prepare for the realization of wave power pilots, and prepare for further development of the wave energy industry in the region. The project is supported by VRI Vestfold and The Research Council of Norway.

Why Vestfold?

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Vestfold has a long and extensive maritime heritage. In a historical context this includes; The Viking ships, the golden age of Sail, Whaling in the Southern Ocean, Colin Archer and the polar ship Fram – which was used by explorers Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen to respectively Arctic and Antarctic, Thor Heyerdahl, shipbuilding and shipping. Today there are new strong industries here which can be traced back to this, within electronics, water treatment and the marine engineering industry for oil and gas. Many exciting maritime projects takes place in Vestfold, but only few of these are into marine renewable energy. This project is started to reintroduce alternative maritime jobs in the region.

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