Wave Energy Development Links



Wikipedia is always a good start:




Wave Energy Centre (WavEC) in Portugal is involved in many European ocean energy project, and has many intresting links in their website.




EMEC European Marine Energy Centre has a good overview of various types of wave energy converters – WEC.



Edinburgh Wave Power Group

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Stephen Salter documents

Stephen Salter is Emeritus Professor of Engineering Design at the University of Edinburgh. His work extends over many topics beyond wave, tidal and wind energy. Salter is the inventor of a legendary wave energy converter; the Duck (also known as Salter's Duck and Edinburgh Duck).




Johannes Falnes Professor Emeritus and P.M. Lillebekken, NTNU Department of Physics:

Wave-energy research at NTH/NTNU



Saltire Prize

'The X-prize of renewables'. The Saltire Prize is a £10 million award by the Scottish Government. The Saltire Prize will be awarded to the team that best demonstrates commercially viable wave or tidal stream energy in Scottish water. The technology will need to achieve a minimum electrical output of 100 GWh over a continuous two year period using only the power of the sea.



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