Wave Energy Developers & Projects

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There exits a a variety of different concepts for wave energy conversion. The devices are generally categorized by the method used to capture the energy of the waves, but can also be categorized by location and by the power take-off system (PTO). Method types are point absorber or buoy, surfacing following or attenuator oriented parallel to the direction of wave propagation, oscillating water column, oscillating wave surge converter, terminator (or possibly the new unestablished term quasi point absorber) oriented perpendicular to the direction of wave propagation, overtopping, submerged pressure differential. The table under contains known wave power systems. If you notice a concept which has been left out from the list, then please notify us at industry.directory(a)owep.no .

1. Point Absorber

2. Attenuator

3. OWC - Oscillating Water Column

4. Oscillating Wave Surge Converter

5. Quasi Point Absorber / Terminator

6.  Overtopping

7.  Submerged Pressure Differential

8. Other

OrganisationConcept TypeCountry

Able Technologies L.L.C.

Electric Generating Wave Pipe


AeroVironment Inc

eel Grass




2 UK
Applied Technologies Company Ltd Float Wave Electric Power Station 1 Russia
Aquamarine Power Oyster 4 UK
Aqua-Magnetics Inc Electric Buoy 1 USA
Arlas Invest TUVALU 1 Spain
Atmocean Atmocean 1 USA
AW Energy Waveroller 4 Finland
AWS Ocean Energy Archimedes Wave Swing 1 UK
Balkee Tide and Wave Electricity Generator TWPEG 1 Mautitius
BioPower Systems Pty Ltd bioWave 4 Australia
Bourne Energy OceanStar ocean power system 2 USA
Brandl Motor Brandl Generator 1 Germany
Caley Ocean Systems Wave Plane UK/Denmark
Carnegie Wave Energy Limited CETO (Cylindrical Energy Transfer Oscillator) 1 Australia
Checkmate Seaenergy UK Ltd. Anaconda 8 UK
College of the North Atlantic SARAH Pump 7 Canada
Columbia Power Technologies Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Linear Generator Buoy / Permanent Magnet Rack and Pinion Generator Buoy / Contact-less Force Transmission Generator Buoy 1 USA
Coastal Hydro LLC Coastal Hydro Hydrogenerator 8 USA
C-Wave C-wave 2 UK
Daedalus Informatics Ltd Wave Energy Conversion Activator 4 Greece
Dartmouth Wave Energy SeaRaser Buoy (seawater pump) 1 UK
Delbuoy Wave Powered Desalination 1 USA
DEXA WAVE Energy Aps DEXA WAVE Converter 2 Denmark
Dresser-Rand HydroAir 3 USA
Ecofys Wave Rotor 8 Netherlands
Ecole Centrale de Nantes SEAREV 3 France
Ecomerit Technologies Centipod 2 USA
Edinburgh University Sloped IPS Buoy 2 UK
ELGEN Wave Horizon Platform 1 USA
Embley Energy Sperboy 1 UK
Energias de Portugal Foz do Douro breakwater 3 Portugal
Euro Wave Energy Floating absorber 1 Norway
Float Inc. Pneumatically Stabilized Platform 1 USA
Floating Power Plant A/S Poseidon's Organ 2 Denmark
Fobox AS FO3 3 Norway
Fred Olsen Ltd The B1 Buoy 2 Norway
Fred Olsen & Co./Ghent University SEEWEC 1 Norway/EU
GEdwardCook Syphon Wave Generator 7 USA
GEdwardCook Floating Wave Generator 2 USA
Grays Harbor Ocean Energy Company Titan Platform 3 USA
Green Ocean Energy Ltd

Wave Treader / Ocean Treader

2 UK
Green Ocean Wave Energy Ocean Wave Air Piston 1 USA
Greencat Renewables Wave Turbine 2 UK
GyroWaveGen GyroWaveGen 8 USA
Hann-Ocean Drakoo 1 Singapore
HidroFlot SA Hidroflot 1 Spain
Hydam Technology McCabe Wave Pump 2 Ireland
HydroGen HydroGen 10 3 France
Independent Natural Resources SEADOG 1 USA
Indian Wave Energy Device IWAVE 1 India
Inerjy WaveTORK 6 USA
Ing Arvid Nesheim Oscillating Device 1 Norway
Instituto Superior Tecnico Pico OWC 3 Portugal
Intentium AS iowep - Intentium offshore wave energy project 5 Norway
Interproject Service (IPS) AB IPS OWEC Buoy 1 Sweden
JAMSTEC Mighty Whale E Japan
Jospa Ltd Irish Tube Compressor (ITC) 8/6 Ireland
Joules Energy Efficiency Services Ltd TETRON 1 Ireland
Kinetic Wave Power PowerGin 6 USA
Kneider Innovations Wave Energy Propulsion 2 France
Lancaster University PS Frog 1 England
Langlee Wave Power Langlee System 4 Norway
Leancon Wave Energy Multi Absorbing Wave Energy Converter (MAWEC) 3 Denmark
Manchester Bobber Manchester Bobber 1 UK
Martifer Energia FLOW Portugal
Motor Wave Motor Wave 1 Hong Kong
Muroran Institute of Technology Pendulor Japan
Nautilus Wave Energy Convertor for near shore deployment. Buoy driven piston driving pressurised air to onshore energy convertor 1 Israel
Navatek Ltd Navatek WEC 2 USA
Neptune Renewable Energy Ltd Triton 4 UK
Neptune Systems MHD Neptune 8 Netherlands
New Energy Solutions LLC Oscillating Cascade Power System (OCPS) 3 USA
Norwegian University of Science and Technology CONWEC 1 Norway
Ocean Energy Industries, Inc. WaveSurfer 1 USA
Ocean Energy Ltd Ocean Energy Buoy 3 Ireland
Ocean Harvesting Technologies Ocean Harvester 2 Sweden
Ocean Motion International OMI Combined Energy System 1 USA
Ocean Navitas Aegir Dynamo 1 UK
Ocean Power Technologies Power Buoy 1 UK / USA
Ocean Wave Energy Company OWEC 1 USA
Ocean Wavemaster Ltd Wave Master 8 UK
Oceanic Power SeaHeart  1 Spain
Oceanlinx GreenWAVE / BlueWAVE 3 Australia
Oceantec Energías Marinas, S.L. Oceantech Energy Convertor 2 Spain
Offshore Islands Limited Wave Catcher 8 USA
Offshore Wave Energy Ltd OWEL WEC UK
ORECon MRC 1000 3 UK
Ocean Wave and Wind Energy (OWWE) Wave Pump Rig 1 Norway
Ocean Wave and Wind Energy (OWWE) OWWE-Rig (Hybrid Technology) 6 Norway
Pelagic Power AS PelagicPower 1 Norway
Pelamis Wave Power Pelamis 2 UK
PerpetuWave Power Pty Ltd Hybrid Float 2 CA/USE
PIPO_Systems APC-PISYS and WELCOMÉ 1 Spain
Pontoon Power Pontoon Power Converter 2 Norway
Purenco AS formerly Straumekraft Winch Operated Buoy 1 Norway
Protean Energy Limited Protean 1 AUS
Renewable Energy Pumps Wave Water Pump (WWP) 3 USA
Resolute Marine Energy, Inc Resolute WEC 1 USA
RWE nPower renewables OWC 3 Germany
Ryokuseisha WAG Buoy 2 Japan
Sara Ltd MHD Wave Energy Conversion (MWEC) 8 USA
SDE S.D.E 4 Israel
Sea Power International AB Streamturbine Sweden
Sea Power Ltd Sea Power Platform 2 UK Ireland
Seabased AB Linear generator (Islandsberg project) 1 Sweden
SeaNergy SeaNergy 7 Israel
Seatricity 1 UK
SeaVolt Technologies Wave Rider 1 USA
Seawood Designs Inc SurfPower 5 Canada
SEEWEC Consortium FO3 1 UK
SeWave Ltd OWC 3 Faroe Islands
Sieber Energy Inc SieWave Canada
SRI International Generator utilizing patented electroactive polymer artificial muscle (EPAMT) technology USA
Straumekraft AS now Purenco AS Winch operated buoy 1 Norway
Swell Fuel Lever Operated Pivoting Float 1 USA
SyncWave SyncWave Power Resonator 1 Canada
T Sampath Kumar Rock n Roll 2 India
Tecnalia PSE-MAR 2 Spain
Tremont Electric nPower® WEC 1 USA
Trident Energy Ltd, Direct Thrust Designs Ltd The Linear Generator 1 UK
Union Electrica Fenosa of Spain OWC 3 Spain
University of Edinburgh Salter's Duck 2 N.A.
Uppsala University Uppsala/Seabased AB Wave Energy Convertor 1 Sweden
Vigor Wave Energy AB Vigor Wave Energy Converter 2 Sweden
Voith Hydro Wavegen Limpet 3 UK
Vortex Oscillation Technology ltd Vortex oscillation 2 Russia
Wave Dragon Wave Dragon 6 Wales / Denmark
Wave Energy AS Seawave Slot-Cone Generator 6 Norway
Wave Energy Centre (WaVEC) Pico plant 3 Portugal
Wave Energy Technologies Inc. WET EnGen™ 1 Canada
Wave Energy Technology WET-NZ 1 New Zealand
Wave Power Group Salter Duck, Sloped IPS 2 UK
Wave Star Energy ApS Wave Star 1 Denmark
Waveberg Development Waveberg 2 USA
WaveBob Limited Wave Bob 1 Ireland
Wavemill Energy Wavemill Canada
WavePiston WavePiston 2 Denmark
WavePlane Production Wave Plane 6 Denmark
Wello OY Penguin  2 Finland
WindWavesAndSun WaveBlanket 8 USA
Yu Energy Corp Yu Oscillating Generator "YOG" 4 USA


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