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What is the best location for wave- or ocean energy development? The answer to this question strongly depends on who you ask, but our guess is that most professionals would point at UK with its good initiatives, high energy potentials and a strong focus in the industry. So if UK is the best location, what is the second best? - Again this obviously depends on who's answering, But at-least we have found a very strong candidate.

If we choose to do this like a quiz, the question would be; What location has:

  • 2 million residents
  • 2 Universities
  • High level technical institutions and Maritime consortium
  • Good infrastructure domestic, to Europe, to Africa and to Americas including several international ports, ship yards and as many as eight airports
  • Several public support companies where actually everyone seems to know each other, working in the same direction

               -All in a geographical moderate area.

  • A wave resource which is stable, moderate, and without the most extreme waves – and with very high wave crest lengths
  • High energy costs – and a limited available space for land-based renewable energy systems
  • A presence of recognition that one must find new sources of renewable energy - and that these must be based on ocean energy

If one also mentions that this location receives 15 million tourists a year, you might already have guessed: The Canary Island of Spain.

Participating in a maritime technology and energy seminar on the Canary Islands some weeks ago, I repeatedly got flashbacks from a lecture by Professor Emeritus Johannes Falnes I was lucky to attend. Among several issues he stated, one was that deal location to start up wave industry would be on the west cost of Africa close to the Equator. The reason for this, he said, was that the the level of the waves would be very stable without the destroying forces of the most extreme waves. But then he declined the option - due to the lack of infrastructure in this region.

               In other words, go some distance to the north. There you'll still find stable waves without the extremes – and the infrastructure.

Lars Edvardsen

Intentium as

Some interesting Links in the Canary Islands:

ITC - Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias

PLOCAN Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands

PROEXCA The Canary Island Public Company for Economic Development

The sustainable island project; Gorona del Viento El Hierro

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Administrator January 15, 2012

The idea of offshore Africa is not so wild - with the advantage that Float Inc Offshore Ocean Energy System can "harbor" wind, wave, and ocean current renewable energy sources sited on one stable offshore deep-ocean platform!

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