High school students and wave tank testing

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Larvik, Norway. In an former industrial work-shop students from the local high school Thor Heyerdal VGS, are hoisting down a wave energy 1:30 scale model for testing. It's important with real projects with real challenges, says science teacher Jørgen Kolderup. Two or three times a week the graduate students arrives at Sjøparken, a local business- and start-up park, to work with real experiments in Intentiums wave tank. The schools vision, is to be inquisitive, courageous and open. -We get that at large extent here in Sjøparken. When we look for cases, we try to find projects which are both ethical important, future oriented and which include technological equipment used in the industry, says Koldrup and continues - One of the most important thing, is that the students learn to take responsibility and to drive a project forward.

The students are participating in a study called Technology, and the Science of Research. In additional to the wave energy testing, another group of students is working with research related to snails, or slugs, which do not naturally belong in the Nordic fauna (Arion vulgaris). This research has went on in several years, and is well known in the Norwegian bio-research community.

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Upper picture: Student Louis Sundby at Thor Heyerdahl VGS, discussing with science teacher Jørgen Kolderup.

Midle picture, in the wave-lab: From left Andreas G. Røsholt, Oskar Paasche Onnela, Peder Haagensli, Sverre Kvist and Lill June Larsen.

Lower picture, evaluating results: From left Daniel Torbjørnsen together with Lill June, Sverre and Peder.

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A group of nine students are collaborating in the wave tank and assist testing related to Intentium offshore wave energy project – iowep. The group is again divided in three smaller groups with each own responsibilities. One group is making a new float for the iowep 1:30 scale model, one group is working with instrumentation for the testing, and one group is setting up new structural stands and for the instruments. An extra bonus in the project appeared when it was found that the school already had additional scientific instrumentation and data acquisition equipment needed.

Lars Edvardsen in Intentium, who serves as a supervisor for the wave energy group says; I probably learn as much as the students in this, after all I'm no teacher. Before we started I feared that the wave tank testing would be too advanced for high school level. But the progress of students is amazing and the enthusiasm and motivation the students show, is like giving the project a vitamin boost.

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Upper picture, in the wave-lab: From left Berina Qoragllu examining early testing together with Andreas and Oskar.

Lower picture, in the work-shop: Muharrem Arslan preparing a component for the 1:30 scale model.

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